Saturday, May 25, 2013

4 Month Baby Faves

Pretty much my favorite 4 Month Baby Favorites, all relate to teething. Leo Nugget has been drooling, biting, sucking and gnawing on everything he can get his hands on. Some of these things I didn't know existed when Cohen nugget was a wee one. Munchkin Mesh Feeders were my go to along with Sophie, Cohen chewed on that thing till there were no spots left.

Sophie the giraffe you can pretty much find anywhere, I actually stumbled across one at Shopper's when I was in dire need of something for Leo nugget to chew on, they range from 23.99 - 27.99 depending on where you go. Fisher Price excersaucer is a great babysitter, yes I leave Leo in there from time to time so I can actually vacuum the carpet, I just wish Cohen could still fit so I could keep him detained from making mess after mess. Price range for a excersaucer of any brand start at 80+ unless you find something on Kijiji (best friend). Aden & Anais is obviously way over priced and you can find an alternative brand called LULUJO for 15.99 for a three pack, but the 3 pack of A&A is around $50. I find that they are a light swaddle, generally Leo nugget doesn't like to be swaddled but he loves a blanket over his face (suffocation alert) I feel comfortable because the muslin is light cotton and they can breath through :). Munchkin mesh Feeder is amazing, best teething product out there, on the package it says 6m+ but I mean sucking up some watermelon juice won't hurt em. They cost around $7. The Baltic Amber Necklace I didn't know about until Leo Nugget or after Cohen nugget had finished teething, I'm unsure of if they actually do the trick, but I know many mom's use them and Leo nugget seems to drool much less. They cost around $23 give or take where you purchase them. These are my 4 month baby faves & next month I will put up a post of my 5 month faves.  Comment in the c-section if you know of any other alternatives or share your baby faves.


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