Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I just had a "Oh my god, my kid is growing up so fast" Moment

So, we get Cohen nugget a bike...
We think, "Awesome! Great way to burn off his energy". It's insane, once he climb's on that bike he get's this confidence about him.... He can do anything. 

He has always been independent. Almost to the point where you would think he is a teenager. Don't get me wrong, I made him that way on purpose because I always thought that is important. Wipes tears..... 

This afternoon he was out on the sidewalk, riding from light post to light post.  I make sure he stays close enough so that I can see him while I run in and out of the house. A lot of people scold and lecture me about how it is unsafe.. anyways.

Lately he's been testing me (big shocker) and generally when there are kids out he likes to go as far as they do. Actually a couple weeks ago he followed a boy to the park, he didn't look back.  That was a disaster. Picture me in short short's running down the street with no bra on hollering "Cohen get back here now" as he conveniently has selective hearing. Of course I have no shoes on and I'm cursing "Fuck, my feet" "Why doesn't this little ____ (Insert a swear word) listen to me". Anyways long story short I get him home and take his bike away because you know... taking privileges away is the way I discipline.

Anyways back to the story I meant to tell. This is when It really hit me that Cohen isn't the little baby anymore.

Me: Cohen, please stay close and STOP riding half way down the block. (Waits for reply,I'm quite repetitive)

Cohen: But MOM I wanna pway wiff da kids. (He has a lisp)

Me: Well that's nice but I gotta fold laundry.

Cohen: Its fine mom, ill be fine!

Me: NO I can't see you, its not fine.

(Are you ready for this)

Cohen: Mom, just wet me go.

My reply: Silence, shock, ready to break out into tears.

Cohen: Mom, just wet me go, Ill be fine.

Me: Well ok, light post to light post.(Fighting back my ugly cry face)

I'm trying to process this thought right now, the fact that my 3 year old told me to Let Him GO. Isn't that supposed to happen when there 20?

I'm sitting on the front step infatuated watching him ride his bike.

He's growing
He's independent
He's a little man
He still needs me...


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