Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Big 2-4

One year older. Am I more wiser? It's funny when you become a mother and plans for your birthday change. I get asked "What do you want to do for your birthday?" "Are you going out?" It seems as though every year as a mom I stray farther away from the bar scene, when I picture myself on my 19th Birthday I think how in the hell did I slam back 6 vodka water Cran's with a lemon. 

When I hear people say "When you have kids your whole world changes" almost like it's negative. What it really means is that you become less selfish as a person because you have two beings that you nurture & love. 

Today on my 24th Birthday, I am celebrating my nuggets more than anything for shaping me into a better person that I could have never become if I didn't have them. They have taught me life, love, laughter, patience and devotion. 

A special thanks to my Cohen Nugget, I really appreciate you getting into a six pack of double chocolate chip muffins and leaving a mess behind in your secret munching spot (the Bathroom) I know what your thinking, how disgusting! On a lighter less sappy moment, SomeEcards sure gives me a good giggle.


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