Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cohen's Man Cave is no longer his Man Cave

I have found a solution to a HUGE problem that started Ohhh... 3 months ago.

I potty trained Cohen nugget by the time he was a little younger than 2. He walked around for 3 month's bottomless. I set out the floor potty where ever he was playing. Sometimes he would have accident's, but hardly ever.

I was so proud of myself for potty training a boy! I know girls train easily and thought I had a problem on my hands. 

I feel like the older Cohen get's, the messier he is. He is careless. Then again his 25 year old Daddy....can't clean up after himself. That's a story for another day. 

Three months ago, it came to my attention that Cohen had found His Niche. His domain. His Man Cave. Now your going to think "Ewww" but this kid is obsessed with this bathroom.

The bathroom is right off the kitchen, so we spend a lot of time downstairs and he uses that one often. (Boy drinks a lot of fluids & eat's like a 15 year old) Once I had him potty trained I moved a stool into the bathroom for him to climb onto the potty. I made him overly independent and let him do things that people gasp at the thought of. It works for me though!!! 

Anyways....I go to clean the bathroom and I find things hidden behind the door, up against the wall. I find crumbs all over the floor and OH Dear God....half the roll of toilet paper STILL attached to the roll hanging in the toilet with a nice sized log

It was like a bad party at a Frat house happened. 

Obviously I gave him big shit cause you have to scare the little bugger so he takes a hint. 

He then gives me his - I'm so innocent face and say's "I'm soweee Momma". 

OK, your forgiven.

Another day, another mess. I come down to find a 6 pack of muffins with the tops eaten off the top and crumbs everywhere. 

I tell him "NO"! He somehow sneaks it into the bathroom and eats it.

He get's his paints out, and paints the bathroom floor.

Grab's a bag of chips, run's into the bathroom, turns on the faucet and locks the door. 

This kid is a mastermind. He likes to go against whatever I say. You would think I don't feed the kid.  

Yelling doesn't work, taking his bike away doesn't work, took away television privileges, leap pad...you name it.

I know for the rest of my life I will be cleaning after men...3 men. I signed up for it I know. Don't complain Kate.

I must put a stop to this...I must figure this out...to many logs left in the toilet and muffins on the floor. 

Ding *Lightbulb... There is a lock on the door...I can make it so he can only use the bathroom supervised. OMG YES.....I am so smart. I have outsmarted my 3 year old!!!!!!!

I am patting myself on the back while I write this post...

I'm sorry Cohen.

I have taken away your man cave...


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