Monday, June 17, 2013

No GMO Favorites

Some of these I have just started using and others I have tried before. 

Babyganics Is a new one that I came across. I always think as I am wiping off Leo Nugget's tray with a cloth... what other things  have I wiped down that I have sprayed chemicals with? I found it at Target for 3.99 (free of alcohol, toxin-free and fragrance free). I've made my own from lemon, tea tree oil, vinegar and warm water and it does the trick as well.

Bob's Red Mill products are great...I've used them from time to time. The one I really like is the coconut flour. Around $9.00. Sobey's has it in sometimes, I notice it sells quickly. It's gluten free and all Bob Red Mill products are NO GMO! Great in muffins for Leo Nugget.

Nature's Path Cheetah Berry Rice Bar we haven't tried before. I know they are on the list for No GMO and are ASDA certified organic. I got them on sale for 3.99/6 bars regular 5.99. Cohen loved them.

PC Organic strained puree's are easy on-the-go. Cohen has taken a like to them especially when they are cold. I'm waiting awhile to give them to Leo, I don't want to confuse him. You can get them at Superstore for 1.00 if they are on sale.

Annie's is one of my all time favorites. They're macaroni is amazing and I don't dare give Cohen Kraft dinner (over my dead body). I found the cracker mixes at target on sale for 2.99 so I stocked up good. I know Annie's is on the no-gmo project list.


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