Thursday, May 30, 2013

Is this really how Teen Mom's should act?

First of all I want to say, I try not to be judgemental and I don't like to put other mom's down. How you raise your children is your choice. I'm more concerned about this show "Teen Mom".

Obviously I got pregnant with Cohen nugget when I was 19. I like to think of it as a blessing and wonderful surprise. He has changed my world, for the better. I get up everyday for him....I love him, he is like no other being I have ever met. 

When I was pregnant, this show, "16 and Pregnant" as many of you have probably watched first aired on MTV. I thought, Great! someone that I can relate to. I didn't have any friends that were pregnant or had kids. Baby Daddy and I used to watch the episode's together and quite enjoyed it. 

The new spin-off "Teen Mom" started after the first season of "16 and Pregnant" and then Pt.2 and then "Teen Mom 2". After 3 years of watching I knew the inside's and out's of these Mom's on television that I actually never met. 

The lives of some of these mom's are sad. Some have lost custody, some chose adoption, some are Single mom's. There's physical and verbal abuse. These kid's are seeing things that no child should experience. 

Now are some of the lives of these mom's dramatized or scripted? I'm not sure. I know that in the world we are living in today things are pretty eff'd up and what you see on the show isn't a surprise. 

Has Teen Mom taken things to the next level for ratings? 
Do they think that airing this on television is really the best choice? 
Do these Teen Mom's make it OK for 16 year old girls to get pregnant? 
Are they making what seem's to be a life changing experience a luxury? 
Do these Mom's know that their kids will see this one day?

I have lost count of what season Teen Mom is on now...I read magazine covers and blog post's that some of the Mom's are in Jail, doing drugs, in rehab, loosing custody of their kids, making sex tapes. The list goes on honestly. Is this something that we should be supporting? It breaks my heart when I see these Innocent beings on television, being exposed,there lives are a Reality TV show and they have no choice in it. 

Obviously the mom's have a contract, they are making money off of the TV show. Are you using your kids and exposing your most personal life to earn a living? In the end of all end's Is this really important to you?

There has been twitter attacks, there has been interviews addressing the same issue's that I am pointing out right now. The Today Show actually wrote an article in March about how "Teen Mom" lost it's original message.

When MTV began airing its ground-breaking docuseries “16 and Pregnant” in the spring of 2009, many viewers and critics were shocked that a network would seemingly glorify something as controversial as teen pregnancy. Producers defended their decision to put a spotlight on the issue and claimed the show would prevent more young girls from getting pregnant if they saw what it was really like to be a teenage mother.
As the popularity of “Teen Mom” and “Teen Mom 2” grew, so did the media’s interest in the stars. Soon the girls were appearing on tabloid magazine covers, discussing who they were dating or divorcing, and in the cases of Amber Portwood and Jenelle Evans, their latest legal troubles. As the media’s obsession with the moms grew, so did the young women’s paychecks. No longer were they struggling to find money to buy diapers, they were buying housesbreast implants and more, all thanks to their MTV salaries.
While “Teen Mom 2” may have strayed from its original purpose, it is still trying to helping teens think twice before having unprotected sex.
“‘Teen Mom’ continues to shine a bright light on the struggles young parents and their children face,” Amy Kramer of The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy told The Clicker. “Even if critics disagree, teen viewers consistently say that watching the show helps them better understand the challenges associated with teen parenthood.”  
 I'd like to know what some of the Mom's I know think.


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