Friday, May 31, 2013

Mommy Favorites

1. EOS Lip Balm - 4.99
2.EOS Hand Lotion - 2.99
3.No'7 Beautiful Skin Parfait - 10.99
4. Benefit High Brow - 23.99
5. Essie 9.99

It's a rarity that I go out and buy things for myself. I like to go window shopping and pick out a few item's but put them back before I leave the store....No, I don't steal. I would rather by myself a Walmart t-shirt for 5$ off the clearance rack and go buy one of the nugget's a nice shirt from GAP. 

I have become way less maintenance since kids came along, it actually bothers baby daddy. Here are some low maintenance things I purchase.

EOS lip balm & Hand lotion are my favorites, cheap, colorful, smell nice. You can buy the lip balm at shoppers, if you don't have a Target in town, that is where I bought the hand lotion.  

No'7 just changed their look and added some new products to the line. My new favorite is the Beautiful Skin Parfait. It's actually a melting gel, once massaged into your face it melts and turns milky. Your all gonna want to touch my face, soft as a babies bottom. 

The most expensive item here is Benefit, everything starts at 20$ and up. I actually have eff'd up brows and they are not biological sister brows, one's lower than the other and one is shorter. I bought a brow pencil and tried penciling them in. I found the Benefit High Brow at shoppers. It's pink and gives a highlight under and above that accentuates my bushy brow's. 

Number 5, is Essie Polish. I have so many color's and no daughter's to apply it too. Cohen nugget is my victim and generally baby daddy get's pissed because "That's for girls". Maybe I should take a course to be an esthetician? No. That's just another student loan away from being on welfare. Essie has so many color's its more popular that OPI. Shopper's carries all there polish.

Enjoy Momz! go treat yourselves.


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