Monday, June 3, 2013

Things Change

Last night before bed Cohen finished story time. Fed the fish. You know the bedtime routine. Baby Daddy and I were tucking him in for the 3rd time & he says "Daddy, you know you're my Best Friend right?" Lately he tells people "That's my best friend, Daddy" "Daddy my friend"...ok we get it. He is cool, he is awesome, he long board's, he take's you for ice cream, he has movie nights with you, he play's video game's. He is the Ultimate Daddy. 

Cohen nugget has become more attached to Baby daddy since Leo Nugget came along. Which is totally awesome and I get that. I feel like all of the time and nurturing I did with Cohen he can express that with other people. He used to be a total Mommy's Boy and he has changed roles to being Daddy's Dude. I love it, I know that he has so much love to give and craves affection. 

I love him. 
I love his personalty. 
I love that he makes messes in the bathroom. 
I love that he is a great big brother. 
I love that he is obsessive over his socks being on the right way. 
I love that he changes his clothes 4 times a day. 
       I love that he spills his cup of water at dinner time. 
love that he makes funny faces. 
I love that he challenges me.
 I love that he is serious.
I love that he uses the word Obvious repetitively 
I love all things that come with the package of being Cohen.

Alright I'm done with my cheesy post.


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