Monday, June 3, 2013

My "Nipple" is not a Chew Toy

I'm still getting a feel for what is too much information and what is just borderline inappropriate. I don't really care sometimes and then I post a status and think "Shit, I shouldn't have said that". I'm sorry if you are completely offended by what I write or share.

Alright, Here's some more information about my boobs! You all know my Boob story and know I suffer from One Boob Syndrome. Well I have something else to bitch about. Don't get me wrong , I really love my nugget's. I just really hate when they do things that make me think "Am I going to be admitted to a Psych Ward?".

OK, so in the last 2 months, Leo Nugget has taken up chewing on everything. Teething rings, Sophie, blankets, my fingers and my "nipple". After a certain while your nipples become numb to excessive sucking. Its kind of like someone ringing the door bell way to many times.(It's not that bad, Leo gives me the look of love whenever I nurse him, so it's worth it). Sucking and pinching of the nipple are in two different leagues. I actually bought a breast pump and you could use batteries or plug it into the wall. At first I thought the convenience of being able to walk around shirtless with a breast pump tugging on my milk jugs was great. Then, the batteries died and I tried the plugging it in. The feeling was like when your on a fast ride and you can't move your body.The pump was pumping triple time and my nipple had seen better days. Anyways back to the original story (Sorry I have a hard time staying on track) I swear I don't have ADD.

So Leo, thinks during a boob sesh he should tightly clench my nipple between his gums and give me a nice grin. You know how they say when a child bites you, bite them back. Well I'm not going to do that. Usually my painful scream gets his attention and he will unclench his tight bite. Thank god he doesn't have teeth yet, I know its coming. I know one day he will bite down hard and that might be the end of nursing for me.


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