Monday, August 19, 2013

7 Month Faves

OK...Now I can't remember If I gave you guys a 6 Month Baby favorites or not and I guess Leo is nearing the 8 month mark so I'm kind of behind. I've lost a few brain cells in these past few weeks. Between sleep training, teething, night terror's and it being so damn hot, Sleep isn't really an option anymore.

So when we had Cohen I bought the Maxi Cosy Foray stroller and Car Seat. I loved the stroller...hated the car seat. I used the crap out of the Foray...I definitely used my money's worth.  This time I bought the Peg Perego Viaggio Car Seat to start with..I hadn't bought a stroller at the same time because I wanted to shop around. I also wasn't sure if I wanted a double or not. Months of debating I bought the Britax and it was a piece of shit. Didn't come with a car seat attachment, so I had to hunt one down on Kijiji and when I got it, it didn't safely clip onto the stroller. Totally unsafe. 

So....I walked into the most expensive children store in Calgary and said "I want a big undercarriage, a second attachment for the seat other than the bucket and something that I can use daily in any condition". She says "We just received the new Peg Perego Book Plus...your car seat will click in...or when they out grow you can use the attachment seat. Sounded like a 700$ stroller but actually only cost me 450$. I was tired of shopping and I liked the looks of this. 

Best money I ever spent besides the 25$ Ikea high chair I am obsessed with.  Leo rides in style and comfort and Cohen hop's on the front if he is tired. It also has a extendable shade cover that deflects the sun. Fancy Shmancy. 

Second Carter's body suit's are amazing. Cute styles, comfortable and affordable. I don't dress my kids in over the top expensive outfits because they only wear it once and wreck it. Leo pairs them with cotton shorts or no bottoms at all depending on the weather. They cost around 10.99 a pack of 3. I know I got 3 on sale at Target for 6.99 last week.

Robeez moccasins.  Leo loves these...he hates socks but likes these shoes. He likes to look at them and they are comfortable. He is at that age where he likes you to hold his hands and he walks around so I thought a pair of shoes would be a necessity. They cost around 29.99 depending the style. 

Sometimes you just need a moment of quiet. Baby Einstein can do that...For both kids. Leo doesn't pay a whole lot of attention but if Cohen is doing something he tends to follow. After all that rap in the womb I thought a little Beethoven wouldn't hurt.

Dr. Brown's wide neck bottles. I am big on glass bottles but the Dr. Brown's doesn't make wide neck glass bottles so I settled for the plastic.  Leo doesn't like the skinny nipple...LOL probably because mine are stretched to shit and he has something to hold onto. A two pack at BabiesR'us is 11.99. Average bottles cost $20 dollars for one or two.


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