Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sleep training was a success... I think

A few Facebook status updates later and I forgot to give you all a breakdown of how sleep training went. 

<-----No caption needed for this guy. He was actually wailing away because I went to get his soother and came back to this cuteness standing in his crib. 

First of all...don't you have patience? Second... why do you think you should be standing in your crib. Time to lower that bad boy again. 

The only downfall to sleep training that I can think of is that LC was teething through pretty much the whole process. So luckily for him I couldn't tell if he was in pain or if he was just fucking with my emotions. Oh...and the constant bawling that went on for the first two nights. 

First Night 45 minutes...I thought he was going to vomit he cried so hard. Second Night 30 minutes. Every nap/night time it tapered off until he wasn't crying at all. 

Leo doesn't usually cry...but for this occasion it...was...on. 

He used those lungs. You know how some Mom's say "Oh my gosh it was the hardest thing listening to him/her cry I could barely stand it". Yeah I felt that way for the first 10 minutes and then after I was hiding in all parts of the house so I didn't have to hear the annoying sound of blood curdling screaming.

Good thing I didn't have colicky babies because I would be in a insane asylum. I mean give it up to the parents who made it through that and I can't imagine but my kids were just too good to me. 

Another downfall is that Leo requires a soother. I had to make the choice to get rid of it or sleep train with the soother. Going in every 3,5,8,10 minutes to insert the quiet plug wasn't too bad. I also rubbed his face and kissed him on the head and told him to go to sleep. 

First night he slept through which he hadn't in 2 months. This kid slept through the night at 3 months till he was 5 months...How in the hell does that happen? I know sleep regression took place and then it was just 2 months of nonsense waking up at all different times of the night..not knowing when I was going to get sleep. I had to make the decision...was he going through a growth spurt? Was he teething? Was he hungry? I took all things into consideration and for my own sanity I thought... NO...You are going to sleep through the night again. 

There has been two or three nights where he sleeps until 6:30 AM...There have been a handful of nights when he has woken up at 12 AM for a soother. There has been numerous nights where 4:30 AM he is starving. 

Some nights I let him cry until he goes back to sleep...Some nights I will go nurse him...Some nights I will throw his soother at him (not actually...but I want to.) For the purpose of him not seeing me and him thinking there is a soother fairy that picks up the soother off the floor for the fifth time. Some nights he doesn't wake up until 6 AM and I don't feel like Sleep Training was not all worth it. 

The past 4 days he has been cutting his first tooth. Those things are ass-holes..To me and of course to LC. Not ever being a huge fan of Tylenol I have resorted to a small dosage of 1 ML every so often. I try to use the Highland teething tablets but I'm still unsure of the benefits.

So do I think Sleep Training was a success with the help of Dr. Ferber?  Let me get back to you on this one. I think with a bit more of consistency it will come to light. Leo is teething and I think that is the only barrier for now. 

If he was an only child I wouldn't complain so much..but a 3 1/2 year old with all that energy makes it a little difficult for me to nap and sleep in. I am up at 6:30 everyday. I don't go back to sleep. I can't lock Cohen in his room and I can hear Leo through the walls if he doesn't want to go back to sleep. I want to make it known so I feel better about myself that I have it WAYYYYY harder. 

At this time I am refrigerating Saran Wrap and the pepper grinder...

Yeah..that's how tired I am.


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