Thursday, August 29, 2013

What I thought was teething was actually Oatmeal/ Sleep Training Update

Being the sucker that I am Leo knows how to pull on my guilty heart strings. 

We went away for a few days so that totally fucked up this sleep training process since people were rocking him to sleep. 

Also I came to realize what I thought was teething was actually Oats not digesting properly. 

I'm sorry I drugged you Leo...mommy obviously didn't go through the list of "What the fuck is wrong with my child?".

His tooth popped through last week. For three days I fed him oatmeal in the mornings. I thought it would keep him fuller so that he wasn't drinking lots of breast milk since I only had so many ounces. I couldn't understand why he was so miserable. Then the day I went without feeding oats...he was fine. So I experimented.....I'm so mean.

In the morning I gave him a spoonful of Cohen's. He actually didn't want it because he probably knew that it ripped his guts apart. So a couple hours later he got uncomfortable...and whined so I knew that was the issue. 

Mommy deserves a slap on the wrist for that one. This kid can eat curry...but he cant eat oatmeal. 

Anyways what started out as a post about sleep training sidetracked into oatmeal. 

When we got home I made a promise to myself that I would shut the door and pretend that my monitor didn't work. (So that I didn't hear him cry)

He went to bed like normal...


I leaped out of bed and ran to his bedroom...There he was sleeping so peacefully. The door creaked..All hell broke loose the sea parted...He crawled and stood up with eyes that looked like Bear Grylls when he got stung by a bee. 
Leo wasn't going for honey...he was just neglected by his mother who thought about getting a good nights rest. 

After I picked him up he held onto me like he hadn't seen me in months. I felt guilty but...I guess that is how to sleep train. 

Second night I did it again...except when he woke up in the morning he wasn't crying. He was happy. His nap time is always easy, goes down without crying and goes to sleep. I felt confident that I made it through. 

Third night....I woke up in a panic at 12:10. I heard the screams...I went into his room and he was rolling around in his crib, saw me and grabbed a hold of the crib rail. I picked him up and he was actually trying to get away from me. I held him and sat down and he rested his head on my shoulder and cuddled up to me. It was the cutest yet saddest feeling. He literally passed out in 1 minute. Which means how long was he crying for? And he probably just wanted me to console him and needed to feel like I didn't leave him. 

Once I laid him down he didn't wake up until 7AM. 

One second while I pull the toilet paper out of Leo's mouth. Yes you guessed it...He is overly mobile. Chewing cords....eating week old food off the floor. I actually have a mouse in the house or the dog I always wanted.

His crawling consists of doing the worm, downward dog, caterpillar crawl, the pull, actual 4-legged doggy walk. 

Cohen is having fun with it since Leo can't really catch up to him...yet. 

Still unsure as to whether I am sleep training the right way, my child is teething or just not digesting oatmeal. Do I leave him in the night time? Do I pretend I cant hear him crying for me? Do I still give him a nighttime feeding? Where is the manual?


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