Thursday, September 19, 2013

It's not even October and my kids are sick

Not even into the first week of Pre-School and my kids have been haunted by a disease. Runny noses, dark circles under their eyes, drooling mouths, no appetites. Its like the week from hell. 

Cohen having been to Pre-School he has had cold after cold and I have never actually put him on Anti-Bio-tics. Should we get into that?

Usually when he has a cold...I let him fight off. Try to pump him full of Vitamin D or Probiotic Drops. In my opinion I feel like with Antibiotics they are more likely to get sick more often. The Antibiotics are fighting off the cold rather than building up the immune system. Same with Flu Shots. I don't give my kids or myself flu shots. 

Its new for me to experience a baby with a sickness. Cohen pretty much went 2 years without a cold or flu. Not only is Leo-C sick..he is teething. Nasty combination. Double the snot, double the fuss. I really don't know where they caught this but Cohen didn't even start Pre-School and he got it the day before. Nothing like sending your kid off with a runny snotty nose. 

I have a feeling Cohen is going to be bringing a lot home with him and passing it on to his brother. Poor Leo doesn't stand a chance. I've got my Vicks, nasal aspirator by Hydrasense and Vitamin D drops on hand.

Any other recommendations for passing cold season?


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