Tuesday, September 17, 2013

This post may leave you a little teary eyed...

I'm a little late with this post. I had put Cohen on a few waiting lists for Pre-School. 

Last year he went to a great school...He changed right before our eyes. This year I wanted to look around just to see what other courses were available since he will be in Pre-School for 3 years; ya ouch to my bank account.

As you can tell in these pictures...He has grown. Not only physically.. but his personality and spirit.

He has so much personality like an old soul. He is independent, strong-willed, smart, courageous and funny. He amazes me every day. 

Today walking into preschool felt a little different. He had confidence, he was excited, he felt like he fit in. The first couple weeks is always hardest for the kids. Last year he cried the first four days. It was hard to walk away thinking that your child is sad. He wanted to feel safe. After those two weeks...he walked right in without hesitation. Just like today. 

We stood in line. The excitement on his face was exciting to see. Some kids...Quiet...Some attached to their parents legs. Even the parents faces were easy to read. Nervous to see the reaction of their kids. I looked over at a mom and said...It gets easier. Two weeks will be as long as this goes on for. She smiled with ease.

I remember walking down the hall, holding back the tears. I remember thinking I just left my kid with complete strangers. I rarely left Cohen with other people..He was my first born so you hold onto them a little tighter. 

Once you feel the relief of your child settling or feeling safe...You realize that you have done something right. 

Today as we stood in the line he looked around, saw new friends, stood at a different door. He looked up at me with his arms open...I knelt down and he gave me a tight squeeze. 

He said "You will come back and pick me up when Apple Tree is over right mommy?" I said "Yes...of course 1:05 on the dot." He then said to me "OK Mommy, I will be fine and have fun with my new friends."

The day I thought I wouldn't have my eyes well up with tears...he always surprises me. At times he tests and pushes my boundaries but these are the moments you wont ever forget. The positives always out weigh the negative. These are the moments I feel like I have done some things right. 

Every-time feels like a first with them, they change so quickly. They get taller, the walk lighter, they share better. Its so rewarding to see them excel.  I hope when you read this one day Cohen know that I am really proud of you and you are an amazing little boy.


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