Friday, September 6, 2013

Sleep Training Update: Kate's Version

You see this....that's a sleeping baby. A sleeping baby that did that on his own. After weeks....literally he's finally got it. 

Forget thinking he's hungry, forget he's teething. He was just a stubborn little bugger. 

Nap times he has always been easy. He is not the type to scream endlessly. Whimper's and a little crying is what I had to put up with. Hubby said...he wouldn't have it any other way...Hes not allowed to scream or else. 

When bedtime arose he would go down in his bed no problem generally with one eye open. He would wake up half hour later thinking he needed to repeat the bed time routine all over again. I usually would go back in and give him his soother..(that's something you have to decide to give up at bedtime). Usually I have a couple in the bed and he will find one himself. 

Now you may want to call CPS on me but I go to bed with the monitor on very low volume or I tend to misplace it before bed and it not be taped to my ear like it used too. I think if you hear them your made to feel guilty into going to check on them. If you cant hear them then you wont have that issue. 

People have been asking if he has been sleeping through and my answer is "I'm not really sure...I think he has finally realized that if he wakes up he just goes back to sleep. But we don't ever hear him". 

This kid was waking up at 12,3,5,6:30. That's a little close to impossible to function when you have a almost 4 year old. Now I don't hear a peep until almost 8. He wakes up chatting and laughing where as before he would instantly cry the moment his eyes opened at any time. 

Mommy wakes up happy, so does Leo and Cohen is happy because Mommy isn't wanting to rip his face off everyday. 

So do I think Sleep Training works? Yes...I think you have to modify it to meet your needs though. Going in every 10 minutes sends them into prophylactic shock. I don't know what that is but it sounds intense and over dramatic.

Dr.Ferber is getting paid for this ... I wonder if I could start my own sleep training and get paid? I have a pretty good method I think! Would you hire me?


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