Saturday, September 7, 2013

You wanna know how to achieve this look?

Forget flat irons, forget curling irons, forget going to bed with hard rollers in your hair. Hot rollers is where its at. Especially when you have two rug-rats.

This took me approximately 2 hours. 2 hours your thinking? From the time I do something with nugget number 2, putting him down for a nap...that he doesn't need....Convincing Cohen that he shouldn't stay downstairs by himself just so that he doesn't raid the pantry or flick on video games.... that takes up a half hour of my time. Showering turns into a family affair. Cohen's pointing out that I'm inappropriate just because I am naked and pushing me out of the way just so he can get some hot water on him. I hear Leo over the monitor chatting away saying "Da da da da"...Yes Leo your penalty is staying in there longer just because you are calling for your Dad over me. Finally an hour passes I have one leg shaved, I think I shampooed my hair twice and forgot to condition and my face mask is still on. 

Alright Cohen....get out so mommy can do some damage control on this face and hair. 

1.Blow dry your hair as much as you can. I have long locks so it takes awhile; Half the time its wet because I'm to impatient.
2.You should have turned on your rollers by now. I have Babyliss hot rollers. I received them when I went to hair school in Vancouver...Probably really expensive but I'm sure Conair or Remington heated rollers will do the trick.
3. The nice thing about putting rollers in is instead of holding an iron up to your head for each section of hair its all done at once so you can apply your face. I usually section the middle to the back. Roll them in and then start on the sides. For me, pregnancy is over...all my hair is broken. You see all those short hairs that are hanging out? Those aren't cute baby hairs...that's breakage. No more of those luscious locks of healthy hair after pregnancy. Its ruined. 

4. I usually get sidetracked...go do some dishes, check my Facebook, get distracted or have to change a shitty diaper and I forget I have the damn things in my hair.

5. 2 Hour timer is up. These rollers have grey clips that hold them in place so one you un-clip the roller falls out.....Hmm OK I kind of look like Shirley temple.
I was actually going for this look....
Always setting that bar for myself...Always let down. After a whole lot of brushing and setting I ended up with this look. 

Back in a ponytail we go!!!!