Friday, September 27, 2013

So the last week has been a blur. Not like Robin Thicke's blur....I wish.

So the last week has been a blur. Not like Robin Thicke's blur....I wish. Leo's cutting a tooth and he relapsed twice with a cold in the same week. I forgot to make Cohen lunch three days in a row and it took me until 2:30 to realize when he was ripping my face off. Not a very shining time for this mommy. I feel like teething is going to go on forever. His second tooth is transparent through his gums but its only the second one. I have never seen a cute little smiley boy turn into Chucky before. 

I basically have to sleep train Leo all over again but I've listened to too much crying in the past 2 weeks so sleeping on my chest will do. I can't blame it on oats anymore. He actually will only eat squeeze puréed food from Superstore's organic section and yogurt. Oh and titty juice.  Last night he woke up at 4:30 am gagging and it sounded like he hacked a whole pack of darts. He crawls around on the floor crying wanting me to hold him for hours at a time. Last night I just laid in the crib with him for a couple hours just so he felt more comfortable. Cohen was a bad teether..but Leo takes the cake on this one.

Cohen on the other hand has been limited to a half hour of video games a day. We got Pirates of The Caribbean Lego Edition so that's a little better then zombies and instakills on COD. He actually recognized a guys shirt today and it said Call Of Duty in the same font as the game and he knew what it was. Genius moment? or Child VG addict? I haven't decided. 

I've written about "things" being done with his "thing". Well a few nights ago I watched him out of the corner of my eye and he actually was pouring water over it. I then proceeded to ask him what he was doing. He gave me the look of "Are you serious lady obviously I'm watering my Dinky". 

"Mom I have to water it so it grows!"
"I don't think so buddy"
"Its like a flower, we water flowers"

Are you f*&^%* kidding me? This child is so full of sass and he is so educated...He's smarter than me half the time. He also tells me that If I go lay down upstairs in bed to rest that he thinks that being thoughtful is actually for his own personal needs to fulfill his COD addiction. I'm like do I have "stupid" across my fore head. He nods...

Hubby...well maybe I shouldn't say this but, he has been home for two weeks waiting for his new job to start up...yes two weeks. Two weeks of video games, helping with the kids and making Cohen even more obsessed with him. I can't really complain except he is singing into a beer bottle to Crash Test Dummies "Mmmmmmmmmmm" yeah, hes a little bored. Two weeks of noticing how much time I devote to my blogging addiction. He cant really get mad though, he plays video games.

So there you have it folks...a week in my shoes.