Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I just want to shout from the rooftops that I made it to NINE months.....

Nine months of struggle and dedication. 
Nine months of nursing off one boob. 
Nine months of finding out your baby can be breastfed and survive for that long off one boob. Nine months have gone by and I only caught mastitis once. 
Once was enough to feel like it was for 9 months. 
Nine months of saying a Prayer to The Lord Jesus that I could keep breast feeding. I didn't even make it this far with Cohen.  
Nine months and 3 months short of a year that I hope I can nurse him until. 
Seven months ago I had to convince myself that I was happy enough to maybe make it to  four months.
You saw my post about 1 DD
That boob is still holding its own. I want to give it a high five. 
I'm still at the point where I have lopsided breasts and you can tell under shirts and for whoever played a fool that you couldn't tell, you were all full of shit. 
I should write a book. 
I think woman might be afraid to admit that they have one boob functioning. 
I have come to terms that my boobs will always look like sad wrinkly faces.
How much does it cost for a breast lift?
For the doctor that told me to excessively pump my one boob I now have no feeling in my nipple...Thanks.
Without supplement, Leo preferred the boob. Hopefully that doesn't carry onto his adolescents.  
And Leo...I understand why you favored the right breast...its a good one. ;)