Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Two polar opposite Birth's

This has been sitting in my drafts for quite some time. A personal post. Post's in my case since I have two to tell you about. I'm going to cram a whole lot of information and try not to bore you.

The picture above is of Leo about two seconds after he came into this world...I will start with the story of Cohen and how he changed my world the moment I laid eyes on him.

January 1st 2010, 38 weeks pregnant, feet retaining water like a MOFO, I had just finished my final shift at the Salon. 

I had figured...go to Walmart pick up some crafts, some groceries (junk). I had gained 60 pounds with that little guy. Not taking any prenatal classes I had no idea what early labor was. I didn't know that the electrical bolt down to my pelvis was a contraction. I didn't know that when it felt like I lost control of my bladder it was actually my water breaking. 

3 hours later on the line with nurse at the hospital I was asking if I should come in or stay home and clean house which I thought was more important at that point. 10:30 I headed to the hospital. My water had broke. I was 2 cm and they gave me the option of starting induction or going home. 

Yes. I went home. 8 am back to the hospital I had yet to feel another contraction and at that point I thought...hell if this is labor this is a breeze.

Pitocin... drip...drip...drip

3 hours had passed and nothing. 


2 pm. 

I went from laughing to rolling around like I was ready to die. Thank god for the shower. It was my savior. I got to 7 cm and couldn't do it anymore. I resorted to a Epidural...and holy hell I couldn't push that button faster. What started as a walking Epidural turned into the high I never experienced in high school. 

To be honest...this is a little embarrassing but the time went by really quickly and I just remembered the pushing part.. Except they had to tell me when to push. I had no feeling whatsoever. At 11 pm, January 2nd 2010 Cohen Shaun Oseen was born. 6 lbs 11oz. Second degree tear later. Furry as a little monkey could be. Quiet too. He was a angel sent from above and made me see what life and love meant. 

If it wasn't for the birth of Cohen, Leo probably wouldn't exist. I always seem to get stuck with pregnancies that fall on holidays...Cohen almost a New Years baby, Leo's due date was Christmas Day. I don't think I could cram anymore celebration into two weeks.

Pregnancy the second time was a little harder on the body than the first. I gained half the weight this time. I felt hiccups, kicking movement a little more intensely this time. I thought I was sure to have this baby early like Cohen.

No...this little boy who we had the hardest time naming was stubborn. He wasn't coming out before...he wasn't coming on his due date hell he wasn't coming a day late. He came 5 days before Cohen's birthday. 

December 27th...I went to bed like usual. Laid there and thought I was having braxton hicks. These were a little more intense. These were closer together and consistent. 12 am I had this feeling...this feeling that he was coming. At this time of one is in town. Its the holidays. The plan we had went out the window since we past the due date. 1 am, I hadn't woken Evan. I wasn't quite convinced this was it. I sat on the computer chair and timed my contractions and wrote them down. They went from 6 minutes apart to 5 minutes apart within two hours. 3 am...I called my back up plan so poor Cohen didn't have to watch mommy give birth. 

Evan...still sleeping. Yes I am a good wife. I thought, one of us needs sleep. Again...I called upon my shower. The only thing that really ever makes me feel better. I sat, laid, stood and breathed. Breathed through every contraction. Sucked air in and blew out that contraction. At this point I was 5 hours into labor. I stayed in their until 5 am. That is when Evan was supposed to go to work. Surprise...You get the day off honey...but we are going to be pushing out a baby. Sorry..let me rephrase that. I will be pushing out a baby.

Bags packed, babysitter, all cleaned up and sort of starting to feel a little pain. I will tell you this. Induction is way worse than natural just saying. 

My midwife new I was coming. Yes I had a midwife.. Gods greatest gift is a midwife I swear. 

6:30 am checked in and literally getting checked out. 

"You are 6 centimeters".


The nurse was in as big of shock as I was as to how I had my composure kept together. 

Walking around...I see my midwife. 

"There is 6 centimeter mama".

I almost wanted to take a yes muthha***** I'm 6 centimeters and taking a stroll. 
Apparently she thought I looked to comfortable. She had me climb stairs...she had me do squats, she had me bounce on the ball..Hold up...this is birth not a triathlon lady. I've been up since...yesterday and you want me to do this. 

Well...I guess little nuggets head was stuck, turned to the left a little. 

12 pm I was 8 cm. The shower wasn't working its magic so well anymore.

Evan: Yes...I think my wife is ready for some drugs. 

Being a midwife..she didn't think that I needed the drugs. Funny how they think they know this shit.. She believed in me...she knew there wasn't much time until he was out. I remember the exact moment that I felt him felt like he was going to fall out.

I crawled onto the bed to get checked again and have you ever seen the exorcism of Emily Rose? OK. Imagine me as Emily and giving birth. 

With Cohen, Ev was all gung ho on watching the birth. That was fine. This time..I couldn't find him...He was under the bed practically. "Ready to hit the floor" are the words that came from his mouth. I crashed a gas tank and was HIGHHHH as a motha..Again. 

This time there was no numbing, no walking epidural..This was Au Natural. I felt that burning sensation some woman feel. 


Leo-Cruz Raymond Oseen, 8lbs 11oz...yes two pounds bigger than Cohen. No tear this time...It depends on your doctor ladies ;). I walked to my room like I just had a coffee date. You would have never thought I had a baby. Its the Epi..makes you feel wonky. 

I can now say that I have experienced two completely different Births. One drug induced labor and a exorcism ladies and gents. Interestingly enough Leo's seems a bit longer..maybe I just remember his a bit more.

Now look at us!!!!