Sunday, October 13, 2013

No dinners, No holidays

Thankfully,  I have amazing friends. Thankfully, I have two little boys who make up for everyone vacant in my life.

With my better half gone on this holiday, It makes it a little harder on me to be alone.  He, as well as my kids are what I consider Family. Family that is always there. Whenever, wherever. 

Its hard not having those big family holidays, when everyone gets together. All the kids are playing, good food, good company. 

I was lucky enough to be invited to a handful of dinners. Two Thanksgiving Dinners that I could attend, by two great friends. 
Thoughtful enough to think of me at this time when the hubs is gone. 

You want to create and share holidays with your kids like these to make big memories like you used to remember when you were younger. 

I guess its at the point where we have to make new memories, new traditions.

This evening I got to experience a larger family. Full of love, full of laughter.


I felt two emotions. Grateful and Love.

Watching interactions that I haven't seen at holidays in so many years made my heart feel warmth.

Having divorced parents makes it hard. Who do you spend your holidays with, Who's feelings will you hurt this time. Who actually wants to host these holidays.  Within that it spreads toxicity. Families don't get together as often. These things become forgotten. You become forgotten. Those families then marry into new families, make their own families and their becomes gaps. Gaps in years, gaps for a century. 

I have a lot to be thankful for. Thankful for a person who has never left my side. Always taken care of me. A person who is making a huge sacrifice for our family.  A person who gave me a family...