Thursday, December 5, 2013

"Did Cavemen go up to mammoth's and drink their milk?"

As soon as leaving my "New" doctors office I felt a sense of relief come over my confused/gullible mind. But, I was scratching my head wondering What The F*&% just happened in there?

I am a bit hesitant to post this. I know people do have strong feelings and opinions on these subjects which is totally fine. I am personally sharing the experience that I had today.

I've been having some trouble with Leo lately. Not wanting to nurse and or drink the quinoa milk that I opted to make instead of giving homogenized milk. He also has been pulling at his ears. I decided what the hell! Lets just get the 12-month check up over with because the holiday season is smack dab in the middle of their birthdays. 

Going through the list of; 
Is he walking?
Finding his voice?
What else do you give him to drink?

I was almost scared to tell him because past times I get scolded for never giving Cohen 6 cups of homogenized milk a day. I get scolded for not giving him a bottle past a year. I said, I really haven't been comfortable giving cows milk or formula. I said, I have made quinoa and he liked it at first but now he isn't as interested. 

"Did you know that we are the ONLY mammal to drink another mammals milk?" he says!
"Did caveman go up to mammoth's and drink their milk? NO!"
"Did you know that if your child is getting all the nutrition from vegetables, fruits and some meat/iron all they really need to drink is water?"

I could not connect my brain with my mouth. I was shocked. He did say that quinoa is a great way. Plant based milks are awesome or simply almond milk if you can find it without Carrageenan. Everything I have been reading is actually coming out of a DOCTORS mouth. Sometimes I feel I am easily swayed by articles on the internet or just simply by what people say. I have had a gut feeling with some of these things and it was just said right before my eyes. 

He goes on..."They're have been a few studies and I believe that dairy should be a treat..such as ice-cream. Bluntly put "milk" is not a "essential food group". 

I dared to ask, "What about Formula?"

"If your child is eating vegetables, iron enriched things like beans, quinoa, fruit and drinking water. At this age it is not needed. Most formulas do have corn syrup, palm olein oil. Those should not be in a child's formula. Water is the best thing for kids".

I nodded and agreed with 100% of what he said. 

After a full physical and going over percentiles he asked me that one question. The question everyone has been posting on Facebook...The question I have been asked by multiple family members. I want to make this clear first before I get into it. My doctor said, At this point in time things have been hard to find the "right" facts or the "right" research to be proven but I have my "own" thoughts and feelings about this.

"Immunizations up to date?"

I white lied. I did have his immunizations at 10 months which he was supposed to have at 4 months. I said.."I'm kind of on the fence about those to!"

"Like I said before the right facts, the right research...I won't get into it. If you are to immunize, space them out and opt out of the ones that make you feel nervous."

I was in shock. I have never heard a doctor say anything like this. 

There was a poster on the wall for the "HPV Vaccine" A few weeks ago I came across the article that the lead-developer came clean so she "could sleep at night". Basically its all bull shit and every girl in high school was injected with three doses. 

He looked at the poster "Well that is awkward! They should take that poster down".

That is all my readers. I would say this is enough information from a 20 minute doctors appointment to make me feel confident in 95% of the choices I make for my children. 


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