Monday, December 30, 2013

I survived Christmas....Barely

Or should I say "we"? Still alive, still breathing. Which I text-ed to my fellow friends just before my husband came home from a 20 day work week.

I had the highest intention of staying home for Christmas. First of all, I hate leaving the house. Second, I didn't want to hall all 40 gifts, plus my children, plus clothes, plus play pens...etc. Makes my brain hurt that I actually managed that. 

I don't want to sound like a negative Nancy here but isn't the holidays supposed to be relaxing? Are your kids supposed to be sick? Not sleep? Whine? Not eat?

Oh wait! That is just my kids. For three weeks or so Cohen has been fighting off some weird ass bug. First it was leg cramps, then diarrhea, fever, diarrhea again, fever. Up until yesterday he has been sick. Finally slept 12 hours and got rid of whatever the hell was in his system. No surprise with Leo he was teething during the whole holidays. Wouldn't let me sit down..literally. Was attached to my hip the whole time, didn't want anyone but me. Didn't sleep. Had multiple hissy fits. Like Cohen, as soon as he was home, in his bed he was back to his normal Leo self.

I actually hid in the closet after hubby put the kids in the bath so that he would do it. I knew if I didn't come out he wouldn't feel comfortable leaving the kids in the bath by themselves. That little Cohen thinks drowning his brother is "funny".

After all of these shenanigans, Mommy got the flu. Now that it is over I woke up this morning with a swollen gland and a ear ache.

Good thing it is new years eve tomorrow and I have one more day to fill my body with as much food as possible and drink copious amounts of sangria.

I don't know if the universe is trying to tell me something but, why the hell did I get pregnant both times and then have children during the holidays. People say "poor kids". What about me? I have to run my ass ragged to bake birthday cakes and make excuses for not giving them gifts 3 and 7 days after Christmas. They'll live. That birthday party I'm telling people I'm planning...don't count on it. 

Good thing I'm going on vacation in 8 weeks because I don't think any longer than that I can go without strangling myself. See how thoughtful I am? not the kids but I will sacrifice myself.

Look out for a heartfelt post after the New Year. Doesn't everyone have resolutions? I could kid myself and say that I will yell less, do laundry more, eat less Haagen Daaz, exercise. It's all just an excuse. I'm just looking forward to the age 3 to be over. Oh, and that damn Elf is gone. Cohen knows what we are up to since at Chapters all the elves were on sale and he tells me "Look mom! Bruno is on sale, he is cheap". Looks like Santa and Bruno will only be real for a couple more years.