Monday, March 24, 2014

Dear Kimye

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Dear Kimye, 

First of all I hate that the world gave you that name, it's stupid. Second the amount of #hastags you gain in a week are pathetic. #bound2rideyouonamotorcyclewhileyouclimax #kimkardashianpostsANOTHERbootyselfie (don't get me wrong I love a nice booty) #kanyewestmighhtgotojailforbeatingupapaparazi. Anyways thats one of the many reasons I'm writing this post. 

I will give you one compliment, your babies name is adorable. For everyone that hates it, they are stupid. I do want to address that North doesn't look exactly pleased that her quads are showing in this photo. I don't think she really cares that your are on "Vogue". And screw you Kim for making me think that you had a shotgun wedding and my whole world stopped for 20 minutes. North your sassy facial expression says it all #ithoughtdaddysaidnomagazinearticles but you have me naked on Vogue?   You told Ellen I am not allowed to wear a two piece bathing suit? You are contradicting yourself daddy. 

What exactly is the purpose for you being on the cover of this magazine? I know it's not money because you make a lot of that already? 

I should have titled this "A Letter from North". It's not to late. Here I go......

A Letter from North, 

Social media, friends, family, mommy, daddy, I just want to take the time out of my busy schedule let me just remind you I need to be breastfed ASAP. (These quads don't look like this for no reason). The amount of time this photoshoot took I could have spent being a normal kid, with normal toys and normal clothes living in a normal house. But you care more about trying on designer wedding dresses  and posing me half naked. Wake up mom your ass is just getting bigger, your waist is getting slimmer and your injections are fading away. I just wanna go run around in my pajamas like Mason and Penelope are allowed to do. At least they get to wear color and not just off white, grey and black. Shouldn't you be more worried about the speech you need to prepare for me when I ask about uncle Ray J? Dad shouldn't you be more worried about community service you have quite a few hours. All in all Vogue is the least of our worries. I just want to have sweet potato for lunch instead of tar tar. 

End rant. 

Sincerely North West. 

I think I don't really have to say much, North and I agree and her face does a really good job of showing it. Talk to you soon North.


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