Sunday, May 26, 2013

One Double D

I will try to do my best without giving TMI. Wait...Oh well all my dignity flew out the window in that Delivery room.

So about 3 months ago I noticed a difference in my production, yes I mean breastfeeding it can be compared to being milked like a cow. The weird thing is that I was only lacking on my left side? I then remembered with Nugget #1 that my milk went down hill after six months I stuck through it and pumped those suckers until I got to 9+ months. The strange thing with nugget #2 is that after a month, my left side stopped... completely.

Panic set's in...I'm in tears thinking this is poor baby won't get all the benefit's from breastfeeding since I have one functioning boob. What the *&^% am I gonna do.

Up until 3 am googling, researching, trying to find ways to stimulate my production, what herbs can I ingest, what massaging techniques will work.

My second panic set's in. People will totally be able to tell I have two different sized boobs. We're not talking a little difference, we're talking One DD and one 12-year old -32A sized boob.

I find my self staring into the mirror thinking, This is disgusting. I am unattractive...all my self esteem went out the window.

I then find myself at the doctors office, saying a prayer hoping the doctor has some sort of medication that will help me.

Domperidone: Domperidone increases the level of a hormone (prolactin) in your body, which is involved in breast milk production. Therefore as the prolactin level is raised the amount of breast milk produced increases.

I was so happy, I practically skipped out of the doctors office. That came to a hault when I went to the drug store and my insurance covers 80% of prescriptions and it still cost 100$.

Back to the googling board I go.... I then came across a product called Mum-Ma Milkstream, that I purchased at a local health food store. I read the dosage on the back and it said 30-60 drops a couple time's a day. I trippled that amount, I wanted results so badly.

A couple hours go by....nothing. Off to bed I go hoping I wake up engorged....Usually Leo Nugget wakes up for a feeding around 3...but that isn't what woke me up. is tingling and I need a release. Key word: Boob. 

Once again let down... It's a daily battle I tell you, nursing off one boob. I wouldn't change it for the world because I still provide Leo nugget with a warm meal 8 times a day. Hopefully by me sharing my embarrassing story, anyone else that is going through this can feel like they are not alone...we can unite as One Boob! LOL