Friday, June 28, 2013

Leo is 6 Months Old today

I cannot believe that you are six months old today!

Six Months ago I held you in my arms for the first time.
Six months ago you became a sibling to Cohen.
Six months ago you brought so much love and joy into our family.

I always say that If we didn't have Cohen, there would be no Leo. I couldn't have given a better gift to Cohen. The amount of love showed between the two of you is the most amazing thing to see. Watching you admire and pay so close attention to Cohen's every move is so rewarding.

You are like a ray of sunshine.  Always with a bright big smile on your face while squinting those big hazel eyes.

You make us laugh.
You make us appreciate the simple things.

I cannot believe how quickly time flies, you really don't notice until you have two kids. I imagine a year down the road, Cohen and yourself digging in the mud and me having to chase after the two of you. I can't wait. I live and breath for the moments you share with Cohen and our family.

Leo has given me peace and shown me when your having a bad day, Smile! You glance over at him and he always has a huge smile on his face. Its really hard to stay mad about anything.

It is strange how much patience and calmness he has brought me. He makes it easy for me to love him. I always imagine him as the overly optimistic smiley boy. I cannot wait to see him grow. I realize that for the rest of my life it will be "Kate and the Boys". I'm ok with that. I know what I was like as a teenage girl. I'm glad I get to skip all those hormones.

I was so worried about  having two kids. Having to balance and love them both equally. I love them as one, I love them as a whole. I hope they have a strong bond growing up together, looking out for one another, playing sports and games together. "TOGETHER" is what I hope for them.

I love that you sleep on your tummy with a blanket on your face.
I love that you get mad when you try to crawl but can't seem to get the motion.
I love that you are obsessed with Cohen and live for his every move.
I love that I have 10 nicknames for you (Leo, Lelo, LC, LouLou, Lelo babez, Mini Ev). Just to name a few.
I love that you look so much like your dad.
I love that you smile at strangers and brighten there day.
I love that you came into our lives and completed our family of four.
Happy 6 Month Birthday Leo-Cruz!


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