Friday, June 14, 2013

My Little Seed is Growing

Preschool has come to an end this week.

Cohen Graduated yesterday.

I couldn't believe it before my very eyes. 

This year I've been to a couple celebrations. One being Christmas and a Mother's Day Tea.

I was trying to explain to Cohen how it was his last day of  preschool and he wouldn't see a lot of the kids for the summer. He said to me "But what about my friends. They will miss me Mom".
It is true, the times I have volunteered he is usually the class clown and is a bright ray of sunshine.

Next year I am putting him into the 3/4 class again because his birthday is at a tricky time. I know what your thinking - Plan your babies at a better time not during the Christmas season.

He will do one more year of 3/4 and then Pre-K when he is 4 going on 5. I wanted to delay him because I think towards high school with academics and such he will strive with excellence. I think him being a bit older in the grade is better. I never want my kids to struggle.

Don't get me wrong he is very mature and smart for his age. But when I first thought of putting him into preschool the director was worried that at the age of 2 he was going to struggle and would have a hard time.

Trust me the first month was the hardest month of my life. Him bawling and me crying all the way home. Yes I was pregnant but seeing my little nugget going into a world of kids and teachers was nothing he had experienced before.

I kept in touch with the teacher every week and they would call once I had left to tell me he was fine once the tears were shed for 5 minutes. She said I had nothing to worry about and keeping him in was a good idea. At first we thought try it and then if he can't handle it we will retry in January.

Another important thing to me was wanting him to go into preschool in September and not waiting until January when Leo came along. I didn't want him to think I was trying to get rid of him.

It's really neat and interesting to see just how they change and become comfortable without you by their side.

A big thanks to the teachers at school building that trust with him. He now has made a bond between what at first, was a stranger.
Everyday he would come home with something new that he learnt about.

He came home with confidence.
He came home with intelligence.
He came home being more social.
He came home having connections with kids.

He surprises me everyday. Preschool has been an amazing for him.

Sometimes I think he gets sick of me and I get sick of him. Just in those 2 hours on Tuesday and Thursday he is refreshed and almost becomes more worldly. I have no regrets putting him into the class. Tears from the both of us were worth it.

When we go to drop off, the kids get separated from their parents and they went into the class ahead of time to stand on the green line and practice what they have planned for their performance.

I walk into the classroom not knowing what to expect and there he was all proud... looking for me and waiting for attention. 

They sang a few songs that from time to time I have heard him humming from his bedroom while playing. 

They played a video of pictures that had been taken throughout the year. 

They then handed them their memory books and stood with the teacher so I could take a quick picture. It was amazing, nothing like Gr. 12, but it was a first experience for me... A first of many year end celebrations.

His memory book has a collection of art crafts from the beginning to the end of the year.

His cutting has improved drastically, his lines and circles have been perfected.

His imagination has run wild.

Simple yet extraordinary.

Another "I just had a oh my god my kid is growing up too fast." Moment. I'm scared for these moments but I love watching him become who he is.

At the end of the celebration he hugged teachers, gave them their homemade gifts and each teacher told me "He has grown so much, He is a ray of sunshine, we loved having him here at Apple Tree."

Then the water works started. The teacher hugged me.

I'm kind of sad that it is over..more for him than me. 

"A teacher's like a gardener and this is so you'll 

know, we surely do appreciate how you help the 

children grow. Thanks for all you do!"


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