Monday, July 22, 2013

I told you all I would give an update after this weekend because most likely Cohen or Leo would give me some inspiration to blabber about. I actually have two subjects that I want to share. Neither are very funny but I guess I can be sensitive and sappy at some point. Both are about "togetherness". I will start with a comment that was made to me this weekend. 

I was at a Bridal Shower. I mentioned earlier that I would be attending and it's so refreshing to see marriage and people coming together to celebrate something so special. 

This topic is "Marriage" 

So most of you know I do have a baby daddy and now having  thought about it, I kind of gave him a title that is not a great reflection on who this person is to me. He, is much much more than just a great baby maker. He is someone I have spent 9 year's of my life with. 9 of the greatest years..... 

We had met in High school (awweee) and basically never left one another's side. We've experienced heartache, pain, loss, love, gain, struggle, respect, trust and all things that come along with "Relationships". There were times when we grew apart and then times where we grew closer than ever. I can honestly say our kids have made us one.

We understand one another, I know his buttons, he knows mine. We give each other space and we smother one another. We are private but share a telepathic thoughts when in the room together. 

He is my soul. He is my guardian. He is a life long partner. (I could cry typing these words.)

So the comment I am addressing is "When is he going to pop the question?" 

A lot of people have stopped asking, because they know us and know that it's not really in the cards for us. 

My response is usually "Well, we aren't really that couple" with a huge explanation behind it. One that I don't share because its kind of hard to explain.

I was never the girl that imagined ball gowns and walking down the aisle when I was 5 years old. 

When I met him I knew that he was the person I want to share my crazy nutty life with. There has been discussions of whether or not that is something we want. 

Both our parents are divorced so it doesn't exactly make you want to believe in marriage. Not that I wouldn't believe in us if we were to be married. But then there is always the pressure because we have two kids. We did have them out of wedlock and that kind of bothers the older generation. It's seems to be the new trend, having babies young and not being married. Not that I am following a statistic, it's just something that works for us. Technically we are a civil union, common-law or in a domestic partnership. All those words mean the same thing don't they?

I love what we have together and I don't want to complicate it or stress about being named "Married". 

I don't mean to sound cocky, but he ain't going no where! And neither am I. Life comes with progress and sharing it with someone else requires a little give and take. 

So their is a look into my personal life. Again. I'm really good at sharing my life over the internet. 

Also, this weekend we were  invited to a Reunion. It was Evan's side of the family so I knew a fair amount of them but I also met a few new people. 

It was a first for many people to have met Leo nugget, but most knew Cohen from previous family occasions

Of course they stole the show. They were on best behavior and put my stories of horror to shame. Why can't they act like this at home? They stayed up way past bedtime, and didn't exactly eat the healthiest food that day. Leo made his smiley impressions on everyone and flirted a little. When I say Leo smiles a lot, no one really understand's how much he smiles. Then Cohen of course was shy and serious at first but warmed up to everyone and they thought he was the goof ball that I know and love. 

It was so nice to have my kids put smiles on so many faces. 

I find it so neat that so many people would come together for a reunion. I know they see one another from time to time but to make the effort and see that people actually enjoy one another's company with that size of a family. Kind of goes back to my post about Family. I hope and wish someday that I can instill that in my kids. It is so important. I may not have the closest family but I hope that I can share that experience with them so they understand how amazing it can be. 

Evan and I will make our own memories and have our own special occasions.

Leo-Nugget sure takes a liking to most people. But he sat on great grandpa Larry's lap for 5 hours total. Not a peep, no fuss. He sat content and happy. Along with using his legs like he was in an excersauser. These moments bring so much joy to my heart. They were so grateful that we made the effort to come and spend time at the reunion. These are feel good moments

We are Calgary based but have family and friends in Lethbridge. I moved out of that place for so many reasons. When we come down, most people know. Trying to take the time to see each and everyone sometimes get's complicated. People get offended, disappointed and upset that we didn't take time out of our busy schedule. I am so flattered that so many people love us.

Evan's Dad and brother came into town also. We had a few meals together and got to enjoy each other's company. This relationship, is one that means most to Evan and is so important for our kids. There was a gap where we hadn't seen one another for quite some time and we were Reunited a couple years ago when Cohen was almost 2. 

His relationship with his dad has evolved greatly. It has changed him as a person and father. It is the happiest I have seen him in a long time. 

Cohen has made a bond with Uncle G and is completely obsessed with him. When he finds out that we are having a visit, he can barely contain himself. It was also refreshing to see them together. It makes me feel sad that Cohen and Leo have yet to meet one of their Uncles. They are growing so quickly and change everyday. It's truly unfortunate and I feel sad that he isn't in our lives. 



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