Monday, July 22, 2013

Renegade Mothering: You blissed-out moms are ruining futures.

Renegade Mommy just posted some real real shit on her blog. I definitely am a SHIT-TALKING-MOMMY.  She's received a comment on her blog saying this;

Yesterday I received a comment that encapsulates this perspective so well I have to share the whole thing: “Janelle you are trying so hard. I do wonder though, after reading some posts ( which do make me laugh!) how your children will feel reading them in the future: for example the one about your ‘ insane toddler’ or the one where you admit you hate playing with them. Lots of mum’s think this but no one actually says it. You think it’s just a vent and no harm done but you can never truly erase things from the Internet. For your children to one day know how you really felt about their childhood is so sad. Please write some more content your kids can be proud of. I say this with love so that one day you don’t have a poor relationship with your grown children. They deserve better than that and so do you. Think what you are sacrificing for others’ cheap laughs. I hope one day family life will bring you the joy it truly can be. All the best.”

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Now, in my opinion say whatever the fuck you would like...It's your writing platform. My mom said to me the other day "Is cursing necessary on the blog?"

My Response "Well It's funny, many mom's think it, they just don't say it. I know I called my kid an ass-hole. I felt bad about it. I shared my experience, so if any mom's felt that way or said it could relate to me."

The exact response on Renegade Mothering' blog:

To me, the most terrifying part of this comment is this: “Lots of mums think this but no one actually says it.”

Oh, lord.

This ain’t good. So what you’re saying is: Though many mothers experience the struggles you talk about, think and feel the same way, they have internalized the societal expectation that they SILENCE themselves for the good of their children.

They have learned to SHUT THE FUCK UP because they have uteri and have “made the choice” to join the sacred tribe of motherhood and therefore, they uphold the sacred values of that calling while simultaneously erasing themselves on its behalf.

Haven’t you people thought about WHY it is that so many women suffer from post-partum depression, kill their kids, lose their minds, SNAP one day over a batch of gluten-free cupcakes?

And all the family is dead.

Do you ever think your blissed-out bullshit attitude contributes to women hiding themselves in shame as they pretend and pretend and pretend it’s all good and right and fun and rewarding…until they can’t pretend anymore….and Boom. Done.

This subject speaks for itself. I'm sorry if I have offended anyone in any of my blog post's. I know my purpose and why I write it all down. At some point, I will share these crazy stories with my kids. I'm sorry that I am a SHIT-TALKING-MOMMY.


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