Monday, July 29, 2013

I was a Brave Mommy today.....

This is sort of a feel good post. (Despite the photo above) Kind of giving myself a pat on the back right now. A few things I did today were very Brave.

Today, was the first day I took both children to the swimming pool. Alone. 

Ya! Sounds scary as shit right. Cohen is over dramatic as you all know by now and is kind of priss

"Mom, my hair is wet"
"Mom, that kid splashed me. Tell him not to splash me"
"Mom my toes are like prunes"

After we got through the trauma, he was fine. What happened to parent's that used to throw there kids in the pool without lesson's and they figured the doggy paddle out on there own? I mean spending $100 on 8 swimming lesson's is a bit redic! Moving on.....

Another thing I was super Brave about was wearing a two piece suit to the pool. This wasn't because I had a choice...This was because my Tankini was worn out in area's by chlorine.  Area's consisted of; Nipples, butt cheeks and my Pikachu. Thank god I tried it on before I went to pool because there would have been a lot more than just pee in the pool.

So anyway's. I wear the two piece, super self-conscious of my body - I have been slamming back those pint's of ice cream to often and the flabby skin that hangs over my jeans has been filled up with fat. At least, Leo isn't mobile yet so I can hang him lengthwise so he cover's the tummy area.  I mean he did this to my body so him helping me out at the moment was the least he could do. 

(I swear I am not that mom that looks in the mirror and curses her kids because of how your body changes!)

Third thing I was Brave about; Sitting in a pool of piss with all the other little kids. As I watched Cohen slurp up some chlorinated piss infested water. Yuck!

There is a positive to this experience; Cohen clung to me and basically worshiped me the whole time because of how much fun he had. And told me how I was his Best-Friend. Yeah Daddy! Take that one.

He also was very social and made friends with some of the kids in the kitty pool. I am a people watcher and I am almost certain, some of those kids had no parental supervision - even though there are jumbo sized signs saying "Be within arms reach if your child is under the age of 7" in bold letters.

And then were some way-too-nice-looking-moms-with-blowouts-and-makeup-on. "Please don't splash me!!!" Even giving their kids shit for getting a few sprinkles of water on they're heads.

It was entertaining to say the least.

Now previewing this post, I look like a whiny mom who doesn't want to do anything nice for her kids.