Friday, November 1, 2013

Have you seen a little boy, Light brown hair, Looks about 4 years old?

"Excuse me, have you seen a little boy. Brown hair, Black skull hat, looks about 4 years old?"

Yeah. This happened. First time in my life that I have lost him. Or maybe he lost me. 

Chapters, train table was the last place I laid eyes on him. We do this as a treat. Cohen plays, mommy drinks her Starbucks and looks at cute books in the kids section.

He was actually contently playing with other kids, sharing trains. For once in his life.

I thought the only thing he was good at sharing was germs with his brother. 

Moving on.

You know when they say "When a child is quiet it usually isn't a good thing?" Yeah my idea of him doing something bad is playing with his genitalia or creeping on little kids. 

Today that quiet void in my head that I thought was a nice peaceful moment was actually the sound of ..Your child has left the f*cking building. 

Calmly, I paced around the kids section with Leo of course. Don't worry I didn't loose both. 

This kid is always in my space constantly. I rarely have to tell him to stay by me. I usually tell him you know I'm gonna leave, your going to get lost..You know the scare your child into never wanting to leave you in the store. He knows about kidnapping and getting lost. I figured 4 years old he should have it all together. 

4 minutes has passed, I haven't heard him. I called him quietly. Did a couple loops. Nothing. I then started to walk into the adult sections, near the ramp because that is another place where he likes to play around. Nope..not there. 

OK. Do I go ask the ladies from the kids section. Well yes, I was that parent. The frantic "Where the f*ck is my kid, He totally got kidnapped".

All I could think was, Evan is going to KILL ME. 

I found a employee. "Excuse me, have you seen this little boy" I show her a picture. "He was wearing a black skull hat, looks about 4 years old?" 

"Sorry, I haven't. Do you want me to notify the staff and call him over the intercom."

Do I say yes and look like I can't keep track of my kid? 

"Yes, please. I will keep looking."

10 minutes of panic have set in. 

I'm standing there thinking the worst has possibly happened and I turn to the left and out of the corner of my eye, I see him sitting at a table with a woman and man, in the very far corner of Starbucks. 

I walked over. The lady says "Is this your little boy?"

"OMG Cohen, where were you? I was looking at books and you disappeared."

"I got lost like you said".

Well that sounds great. Sounded like I actually told him to get lost.

The lady says "You know he was outside, you never know these days".

"Thank-you for grabbing him and having him sit here".

The look of; Watch your kid...Your a bad mom. Yeah I got it....and so did all of Starbucks. 

He looks at me with sad eyes and he knew exactly what he did wrong. He told me that he got lost and someone could have taken him away and he wouldn't leave my side from now on. 

I figured since that scared the shit out of him, the wrath of me wouldn't be necessary. After-all, I had all eyes on me so I couldn't give him an ass kicking.