Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The birds and the Dinosaurs?

What started out as me trying to have a nice tea party with Cohen turned into a Dinosaur wrestling game which then led to talk about body parts and reproducing.

I mean, I should know better. He's a boy what are the chances he is going to want to have a tea party with me. I was actually just trying to trick him into drinking some Apple Cider Vinegar with me so I had a drinking partner. 

He pleasantly swallowed it down without a peep. 

As we chatted about him cleaning up the living room, he then asked me "Can our Dinosaurs have tea?"


He placed the dinosaurs in front of the tea and made dinosaur gulping sounds. 

It really was adorable. 

He then asked if we could play fighting and wrestling. Well OK..I guess I can meet you half way since you are sitting with me sipping some tea. 

A few bites out of each dinosaurs necks he gave me a questionable look. 

C: "Mom, do dinosaurs have dinks?"
M: "Yes, they do" (I chuckled)
C: "Can they touch them?"
M: "What do you think?"
C: "Well, I don't know but that is inappropriate."
C: "Why do they have them?"
M: "Well they have to reproduce and make other baby dinosaurs."

Luckily that was the end of that conversation.

Very innocent, but very curious. 

I'm OK with these conversations. I hope he feels like he can talk to me about these things. 

Maybe when he is 13 and we are having "The Talk" I can use dinosaurs as props.