Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Am I a Lazy second time mom or just really efficient?

I think back to the days when I used to obsessively take pictures of Cohen with a nice camera several times a day. 

This picture <--- here is that last photo I took of the boys together with a good camera. Now its iPhone quality which is sometimes hit or miss. 

When did I get so lazy? Or am I all about convenience these days?

Its not the only area I've been slipping in. 

Baby books? Oh right. Yeah I don't even have one for Leo...so I can't even say I wrote any of the information in it. And knowingly now I wouldn't even remember anything. That is just laziness. I will take a hit for that one.

Oh pureed foods, Leo didn't even get that. He just got a cut up chunk of softened sweet potato and he had to figure out on his own how to get that down his throat. Choking hazard much? Actually he gummed those suckers quite well. Took him a couple times to figure it out, but he handled that one on his own. 

I was actually told by my soul mate (probably not after that comment) that I cooked way healthier and better for Cohen and Leo's diet consists of blueberries and Annie's pasta. OK fair enough, but you didn't have to throw shade my way cowboy. I don't see you gettin' down in the kitchen. Maybe that is why I tend to find Leo eating scraps off the floor.

Leo has now realized that since mommy won't bring a book to him, he actually has to carry one over and tug at my pant leg for story-time.  I actually cried myself to sleep for that one last night. I spent hours with Cohen "rocking and reading" I called it. Now Leo's lucky if he gets a touch and feel book. That's a lie. I have made a conscious effort to tell Cohen to read him a book.

Now that I don't have to breastfeed the child, I just pop his chooch in. Lay em down. Say goodnight. And never look back. That is the easiest yet most satisfying part of my day.

I mean I could really go on,  the list is limitless. I definitely coddle Leo way more than Cohen was and that is why the child is constantly attached to my leg. I know your a baby...But stop acting like one. I have things to do. I'm sure Leo will soon realize that he got the shit end of the stick. Cohen definitely had different things tested on him but with Leo, I just go with it. 

As I am typing this, Leo is in his high chair in the corner where I can't see him...because if he sees me then he will realize that he has to put on the tears. Baby...


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