Friday, April 25, 2014

"I like you now Mommy"

Cohen reassured me today that I was liked. You're wondering why? Well since he has been completely neglected for days  I thought hey...Maybe I should do something nice for the kid. So I took him out for burritos and churros. Lets face it I was really treating myself.

Since he found me this morning passed out in Leo's crib, has listened to the shrieking ear piercing screams coming from his brother and waited more patiently than normal for his meals he was definitely taking it easy on me and deserved some UN divided attention.

Normally I'm not one to spoil the kids. They know when we go out they don't get a toy or treat. Well, today I was truly conned into buying Cohen brand new bedding. In the back of my mind I wanted to get him some new threads for the bed. Well ten minutes into Target, "Mom lets go look at that bedding you wanted to get me".  Well alright then, he obviously has an agenda today.

"Dinosaurs, Angry Birds, Robots, Airplanes, Which one do I want?" He stood there contemplating which bed spread he wanted. Like hello! Do I get a say in this?
"OK mommy I think I want the Dinosaur one!" Oh really. "Look the red on the blanket matches my bean bag". He really didn't have to do much convincing but it was damn cute listening to him trying to consult me into buying a bed spread.

When we got home I have never seen a kid so damn excited for a new bed spread. He pulled it out of the bag and was trying to stretch the fitted sheet around the mattress. That in itself was humorous. We laid it all out, put the shams on the pillows and he said "I like you now Mommy". Wait, hold up. "You didn't like me before".  "Yes I did but I just love my bed, now". "Great you can enjoy that right now". He chuckled but I was kind of serious. All I was thinking was; Thank god he didn't pick out that tacky Angry Bird bedding.

Please don't ever make a hand gesture like that, in bed, in front of me. Thanks.


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